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Enrollment for after-school daycare

If you would like to enroll your child or children in after-school daycare at your school, please complete one application form for each child and submit the application(s) to your school by 15th of June 2020. Please note that enrollment does not guarantee that after-school daycare will be provided. If there is an equal alternative to after-school programme available in your township or community, such as a “Hort” (after-school care club) or a kindergarten which accepts children of school age, the town council is not obliged to provide after-school daycare at the school.

At enrollment it is not necessary to specify how many days or which particular weekdays your child needs daycare. You only have to indicate if your child will need after-school daycare at least one day per week until at least 4 p.m.

When can after-school daycare be organized?

The school authorities are obliged to provide after-school daycare at your school, if at least 15 children are enrolled, regardless of the number of days or which particular weekdays.
In addition, it is possible to install after-school daycare in exceptional cases with the consent of the school authorities (town councils), so that after-school daycare can be offered even if fewer than 15 children are registered.

Daily schedule

After-school daycare at school includes lunch, study time and leisure time. During study time, your child will be taken care of by teachers. Lunchtime and leisure time care can be covered both by teachers and other pedagogically qualified personnel.
Children from different age groups will be taken care of in groups of a maximum of 19 children. Homework supervision is provided. According to the recommendation of the Board of Education, study times should not be scheduled as of 4 p.m. so that guardians can pick up their children as of 4 p.m. Flexible pick-up before the scheduled end of the daycare program on any one day is, however, only possible, if the child is picked up by a legal guardian.

Attendance of music school and/or community clubs

In accordance with the national school laws the absence from after-school daycare is excused if you have a justified reason or permission which is given by the school authorities or the head of after-school day care.
A well-rounded after- school daycare programme is open to the social circumstances of students and parents. Therefore the regular attendance of music schools and/or community clubs is seen as a justified reason for an authorized absence from after- school day care.


• There are no fees for study times.
• The fee for daycare during lunch and leisure times is set by the school authorities (town council).
• In the case of registration for only individual weekdays, the school authorities (town council) are to collect the fee in partial payments over a period of time.
• In addition to this fee, lunch fees are to be paid. The school authorities can waive these daycare and lunch fees in part or in full based on income or family situation.

Enrollment of children attending 4th grade of primary schools is submitted to the school which the child will visit in the school year 2020/21.
Enrollment of children attending 8th grade is submitted to the schools which are specified by the parents on the enrollment sheet.

Disenrollment from the after-school daycare programme can only be done at the end of the semester or school year.

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